About our College

Gisborne Secondary College is a single campus, coeducational state school with over 1200 students and 140 staff, located within the beautiful hills and natural bush landscape of the Macedon Ranges, 57km north-west of metropolitan Melbourne.

Community-focused and inclusive, we are extremely proud of the quality and range of our programs we offer to meet the individual learning needs of all our students. We believe that every child can learn and progress. We believe that each of us has a role in fostering the wellbeing and success of our students. We encourage you to explore our website and get a deeper understanding of what we offer.

The staff team at GSC is passionate and committed.

We have ten principles in our Working Together Agreement:

  • We greet and acknowledge each other
  • We actively listen to each other
  • We speak to each other respectfully, mindful of our tone and volume and use appropriate language
  • We demonstrate kindness and generosity
  • We are cohesive and unified
  • We are open and timely in our communications
  • We are punctual and prepared for classes, meeting and duties
  • We maintain clean, orderly workspaces
  • We are open-minded about, responsive to, and respectful of different ideas and opinions
  • We are active, attentive contributors and participants in our teams

A school of possibilities

Our large school and commitment to adaptability and versatility make it possible for us to offer an extensive range of classes that allow our students to develop their passion and find new interests. Here, you’ll find a variety of opportunities, including the following:

  • Academic and vocational pathway options (including VCE, VCE-VM and VET)
  • Strong visual and performing arts programs
  • Dedicated learning centres
  • A high-quality sports stadium
  • School-based apprenticeships
  • A designated Trade wing
  • Opportunities for student leadership
  • And so much more

A school for all

Diversity is one of our key values, and we believe that schools should be inclusive and responsive to all. At Gisborne Secondary College, we aspire to meet the needs of every child, respecting all individual characteristics and contexts, rather than expecting students to adjust to our needs.